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Holiday Tips

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | Firm News

  • Communicate your Plans – Holidays for anyone, but especially for blended families, can bring added stress. Communicating with each other prior to the holidays so there is no confusion or potential for arguments about what the children will be doing over the holiday period will allow the family to celebrate in peace.
  • Celebrate Holiday Traditions – Traditions and celebrating the holidays with family go hand in hand. If your family dynamic has recently changed, you should make it a point to incorporate past traditions to your family celebration, providing consistency for your children. It’s also a good idea to start new traditions when celebrating together, as it is an important part of moving on. A new tradition can be as simple as playing a game or watching a holiday movie together or as complex as having a holiday scavenger hunt.
  • Avoid discussions about other celebrations – In blended families, children often struggle with the feeling of “missing out” on something that is happening in the other household when they are not with that parent. It is highly likely that you will be celebrating the holidays without your children at some point this year. It’s best to avoid discussing other holiday celebrations and focus your conversation topics on the current celebration with the children present.