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Protect Your Parent-Child Relationships Despite Separation Or Divorce

For most parents, there is nothing more important in times of uncertainty in a family than their children’s well-being. If a separation or divorce is in the cards for you and your spouse/partner who share minor children, custody and support must be addressed.

Child custody and support responsibilities do not depend on parents’ marital status or genders. When couples’ relationships are in flux and parent-child relationships are part of the picture, legal issues are relevant to both married and unmarried parents. Custody and support issues also apply to both heterosexual couples and LGBTQ+ households that include children.

At Waddell Law Firm, P.C., you can get help navigating challenging child custody disputes of any complexity. Lauren can also assist you in obtaining, enforcing or modifying child support orders.

No Two Families Are Alike, So Legal Solutions Must Be Customized

Lauren considers helping family law clients to be her calling in life. She knows that enabling children to feel secure during and after divorce is important for their stability and development. Waddell Law Firm, P.C., is a valuable resource for Texans who are facing complex situations, such as:

  • Shared raising of children with disabilities and/or special needs
  • Domestic violence and orders of protection
  • Establishment of paternity
  • Parental move-aways
  • International divorces, custody and/or abduction

Lauren helps clients understand that custody and support arrangements can change as needs change long after parents separate or divorce. Her child custody practice focuses on both urgent issues and long-term realities that parents face. She possesses in-depth knowledge and experience applicable to any child custody or support case.

For A Plan Of Action, Contact Waddell Law Firm, P.C.

Where will your children live most of the time after your household divides in two? Will you or the other parent be responsible for paying child support? Get answers to questions such as these as your marriage or domestic partnership is dissolving.

Contact Waddell Law Firm, P.C., to schedule a consultation with an accomplished and respected Houston custody attorney. Call 832-604-5164 or send an e-mail message for a prompt response.